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Virginia Town & City is the official magazine of the Virginia Municipal League.
Published 9 times a year at 13 E. Franklin St. Richmond, VA 23219.

Editor / Advertising Manager: Rob Bullington

Contributing Editor & Graphic Design: Manuel Timbreza

Circulation Manager: Rob Bullington

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Vol. 57 No. 2 – March 2022

Vol. 57 No. 2 – March 2022

Small towns, big achievements

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

About the cover: Terms like “big” and “small” lose their meaning when you consider scope. A drop of water in the ocean seems small. But that same drop in a thimble is a big deal. So, it is with local government achievements. Too often, we focus on the big things happening in big places. But we can’t overlook the relatively big things happening in small towns because, well, they’re “big” deals too. In this issue of VTC we begin to make amends.

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Vol. 57 No. 1 – Jan/Feb 2022

Vol. 57 No. 1 – Jan/Feb 2022

Federal acts, local wins

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Outcomes of the American Rescue Plan Act and the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act – About the cover: Localities have been riding a raft of Federal actions with money either trickling down or flowing directly to local governments. In this issue of VTC we find out how localities are making good use of the funds already dispersed and how they can make best use of the funds still to come.

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Vol. 56 No. 10 – Dec. 2021

Vol. 56 No. 10 – Dec. 2021

Connecting with VML’s new President Jon Stehle!

Thursday, December 9, 2021

About the cover: Who is that man on the cover? Is it a City of Fairfax Council Member? Is it a Director for Tyler Technologies? Is that a coach? A husband? A father? A professor? Is he an award-winning champion of local government partnerships? A Northern Virginia commuter extraordinaire? Well, yes, he’s all those things (and more). Meet VML’s new President, Jon Stehle.

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Vol. 56 No. 9 – Nov. 2021

Vol. 56 No. 9 – Nov. 2021

Volunteers Power Communities

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

About the cover: For the 2021 Annual Conference, our outgoing President Willie Greene (Mayor, City of Galax) asked us to do something special for volunteers. As a volunteer fireman, volunteerism is close to Mayor Greene’s heart. So, we honored volunteers with branded goods, a special conference session and now, to bring it home, an issue of our magazine!

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Vol. 56 No. 8 – Oct. 2021

Vol. 56 No. 8 – Oct. 2021

2021 Innovation Winner/President’s Award for Innovation

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Vienna takes top honors with Local Champion winner – About the cover: Plato wrote that “Our need will be the real creator.” This usually gets rephrased as “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Allow us to propose an additional translation: “Adversity is the engine of innovation.” Because despite (or maybe because of) the adversities of the past year, our local governments proved to be engines of innovation. Read all about the winners of this year’s Innovation Awards, including this year’s President’s Award winner!

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Vol. 56 No. 7 – Sept. 2021

Vol. 56 No. 7 – Sept. 2021

A time for towns to shine! 2021 Conference Issue

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Welcome to Leesburg and the Towns of Loudoun County – About the cover: What’s better than one host city for VML’s annual conference? How about seven towns!

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Vol. 56 No. 6 – Jul/Aug 2021

Vol. 56 No. 6 – Jul/Aug 2021

Made In Virginia: 2021 Local Favorites

Friday, July 9, 2021

About the cover: It’s the time of year when we tell you about the winners of our annual Virginia You Love survey contest. This year we asked you tell us about your favorite things made right here in Virginia. Read all about some of the best things from the Commonwealth inside this issue.

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Vol. 56 No. 5 – June 2021

Vol. 56 No. 5 – June 2021

Getting to know the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

About the cover: ARPA! ARPA! ARPA! Oh, and…ARPA!

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Vol. 56 No. 4 – May 2021

Vol. 56 No. 4 – May 2021

Learning in a year like no other: Essay Contest Statewide Winner – Laila Beck-Covington

Sunday, May 9, 2021

About the cover: Thanks to the students, teachers, administrators, and staff who kept the light of learning burning this year! In this issue we hear what some of them have to say about the 2020-2021 school year and get some perspective on the future of learning.

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Vol. 56 No. 3 – April 2021

Vol. 56 No. 3 – April 2021

Understanding the new elections laws

Friday, April 9, 2021

About the cover: The legislation mandating November elections for localities got a lot of attention this session. There were strong opinions on both sides before it passed and was signed into law. VML offers some valuable insight on this important legislation and, in our 2021 Legislative Summary for localities, we help you understand new laws relating to marijuana legalization, wastewater plant improvements, and so much more!

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