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Serving on the Board of Directors

Be part of leading statewide initiatives for Virginia cities, towns, and counties as a member of the VML Board of Directors. The 13-member VML Board of Directors is made up of local officials from across the Commonwealth and manages all affairs of the League, supervises the Executive Director and other staff and personnel of the League, and arranges for the Annual Meeting of the League.

The VML Board of Directors meets four times a year (at the VML annual conference, during VML Day at the Capitol, in May, and in August). VML pays all travel expenses for the May and August meetings. It is expected that the locality pays for VML Day and the VML annual conference as usual.

There are three ways to participate on the VML Board of Directors.

  • Serve as chair of the Urban, Cities, or Towns section. Seek a position as chair of a section applicable to the locality you serve and represent that section on the VML Board of Directors. This year’s section meetings will be held at the conference in Williamsburg. Nominations for chair and vice-chair are made from the floor during each section’s meeting, then the membership of that section votes on the slate.
  • Fill an “at-large” position. Each year, the Nominating Committee as appointed by the VML President considers candidates to fill two at-large seats. More at-large positions may be available if an individual serving in one becomes an officer.
  • Volunteer for Vice President and President-Elect. The Nominating Committee also recommends these officers. These officers are individuals who have served one year on the existing VML Board of Directors. By virtue of the VML Constitution, the President-Elect automatically moves into the President position.

To apply for an at-large or officer positioncomplete the application form and email it with your letter of interest and resume to Michelle Gowdy. You also may mail the nominating materials to VML Nominating Committee, P.O. Box 12164, Richmond, VA 23241.

If you have questions about serving on the VML Board of Directors or the application process, contact Michelle Gowdy at (804) 523-8525 or