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Virginia Town & City is the official magazine of the Virginia Municipal League.
Published 9 times a year at 13 E. Franklin St. Richmond, VA 23219.

Editor / Advertising Manager: Rob Bullington

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Circulation Manager: Rob Bullington

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Vol. 57 No. 6 – July/Aug 2022

Vol. 57 No. 6 – July/Aug 2022

Rethink your recreation!: Advice for successful outdoor adventures

Friday, July 8, 2022/Categories: Magazine

About the cover: Any geologist glancing at our cover would immediately think, “Oh look, columnar joining!” For the non-geologists among our readers, this curious feature is formed by the heating and cooling of rock (typically basalt) causing columns (typically hexagonal) to form. Rock formations like these are found in places like New Zealand, Ireland, California, and…at Compton’s Peak in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park. Learn more about the park, and other great outdoor recreation locations, inside! Cover photo courtesy Jessica Bowser.

Also inside:

  • Shaping our future with play
  • Outdoor fitness for adults
  • Outdoor recreation – clean water connection
  • 2022 the Virginia You Love survey results

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