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Legislative Committee

Legislative Committee process

What is the role of the Legislative Committee?  The Legislative Committee is responsible for considering and developing positions on existing or proposed state and federal legislation or regulations, and urging the enactment or amendment of, or opposition to, such legislation or regulations.

How is the Legislative Committee appointed?  VML’s Constitution spells out the composition of the Legislative Committee.  The committee consists of 24 individuals holding local elective or appointed positions, all appointed by VML’s President.  Of the 24 members, 12 must be representatives of cities and urban counties with populations in excess of 35,000, six must be representatives of cities and urban counties with populations of 35,000 or less, and six must represent towns.

What is included in VML’s Legislative Program?  The legislative program adopted by the Legislative Committee reflects specific legislative objectives that VML hopes to achieve during the upcoming legislative session.  It is subject to the approval of VML’s membership at the annual conference.

What is the relationship between the legislative committee and VML’s policy committees?  The Legislative Committee meets prior to the policy committees to identify issues that it would like the committees to consider for potential inclusion in the league’s legislative program.  It meets again after the policy committees have met to consider their recommendations.