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Strategic Vision & Goals

Strategic vision and goals


2020 VML Strategic Plan

Adopted May 15, 2020 at a meeting of VML’s Executive Board.

Our Mission:

Strengthening local government through advocacy, education, and information

When we do our best work and fully deliver on our mission:

  • Local Governments are more empowered and effective
  • Community members trust their elected leaders
  • Local officials are respected due to their effectiveness

Our Goals and Strategies

To best deliver on our mission over the next three years we will:

  1. Elevate the Impact of Local Government by Strengthening Relationships with and Between Municipalities
    • Increase connection with our locality members across the state
    • Grow our outreach and support with municipal staffs
    • Facilitate collaborative peer-to-peer connections
  1. Accelerate Local Elected Official and Municipal Staff Impact Through Expanded Value-Added Programming
    • Expand support for newly elected officials
    • Bolster education through strategic partnerships with higher education
    • Maintain strong advocacy efforts and grow member voice with the General Assembly
    • Emphasize member localities’ leading practices and successes
    • Establish member connections leveraging 21st century communication
  1. Cultivate 21st Century Leadership By Streamlining Our Governance Structure
    • Update our governance structure to include a broader range of municipal voices
    • Designate and articulate clear entry-points and pathways for leadership participation by members
    • Fully deploy and empower VML staff
    • Renew membership categories for broader participation and engagement
  1. Support Strategic Initiatives Through Organizational Strength
    • Align current and new staff to support stronger relationships and member value
    • Cultivate a strong brand through focused and strategic communication
    • Re-envision the annual conference to strengthen relationships, engage members, and equip members for excellent leadership