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Virginia Town & City is the official magazine of the Virginia Municipal League.
Published 9 times a year at 13 E. Franklin St. Richmond, VA 23219.

Editor / Advertising Manager: Rob Bullington

Contributing Editor & Graphic Design: Manuel Timbreza

Circulation Manager: Rob Bullington

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Vol. 58 No. 6 – Jul/Aug 2023

Vol. 58 No. 6 – Jul/Aug 2023

Outdoor spaces that do more! 2023 The Virginia You Love edition

Saturday, July 22, 2023/Categories: Magazine

About the cover: High temperatures? Check. Kids wearing short sleeves and shorts? Yup. VML’s annual look at outdoor destinations and doings in the Commonwealth? You’ve got it! For 2023 we’re looking at how some outdoor places are serving many purposes and offering a variety of options. Happy summer! (pictured is pod cabin in Roanoke County’s Explore Park, see page 11)

Also inside:

  • Destination Norfolk (Part 3)
  • CBM Spotlight:  Blue Line Solutions

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