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Virginia Town & City is the official magazine of the Virginia Municipal League.
Published 9 times a year at 13 E. Franklin St. Richmond, VA 23219.

Editor / Advertising Manager: Rob Bullington

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Vol. 55 No. 2 – March 2020

Vol. 55 No. 2 – March 2020

Get connected: Technology solutions that localities can use

Sunday, March 15, 2020/Categories: Magazine

About the cover: This month we look at some technology-driven services and products that are helping local governments work better, faster and smarter. Rather than presenting pie-in-the-sky ideas, however, we’ve tried to keep it real with affordable (if not free) solutions that any local government – big or small – can use.


  • Smarter solutions for a connected government  
  • Defining success through technology  
  • Take back the innovation narrative one story at a time   
  • Reaping the benefits of converting to VoIP  

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