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Virginia Town & City is the official magazine of the Virginia Municipal League.
Published 10 times a year at 13 E. Franklin St. Richmond, VA 23219. 

Editor: Nancy Chafin  |  Design Editor: Manuel Timbreza
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Taking young businesses under the wing: A rural incubator that's thriving

Inside: Local view of the 2017 General Assembly

On the cover: The Franklin Business Center is a rural business incubator that's succeeding – launching new businesses, creating jobs, and infusing cash into the local economy. See story on page 14.

‘If I were mayor’: Trey Mitchell of Lawrenceville is statewide winner of essay contest

On the cover: Trey Mitchell of Lawrenceville is the statewide winner of the League’s “If I Were Mayor” essay contest. His essay and those of the regional winners can be found on pages 7-15.

Inside: Winning essays from all 8 regions

Mayor on a mission: Bob Coiner is VML’s new president

Inside: Farmville aces vice presidential  debates

On the cover: Gordonsville Mayor Bob Coiner is the new President of the Virginia Municipal League. Find out more about what inspires him and what he believes local governments can do for their communities in this month’s cover story. See page 15. Cover photo by Ramilyn Thompson.

Feeling the Pain: The Opioid Epidemic in Virginia

Inside: Annual Conference highlights

On the cover: Opioid prescriptions in the U.S. have tripled in the past 20 years, according to the CDC.

Virginia Beach: Progressive city by the sea

Inside: 2016 Innovation Award Winners

On the cover: The iconic King Neptune statue watches over the shore of Virginia Beach. Photo courtesy of Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Step up to the plate: Make local needs known to state lawmakers

Inside: Highlights of the upcoming VML Annual Conference

Cover story: The 2017 General Assembly won't convene until January, but VML members have already drafted the legislative agenda based on issues likely to affect local governments in the coming sessions. Page 15.

When trust is frayed: Restoring public confidence following a crisis

Inside: Annual Conference Highlights

Cover story: Most public organizations face controversy from time to time. Restoring public trust means allowing the public an open view while you're fixing it, being prepared to be unpopular, reporting successful baby steps and not expecting much credit for a while. 

Zika in Virginia? : State and local officials prepare to combat virus

About the cover: Summer is here and so are mosquitoes. Localities have been given broad authority to fight the spread of the virus.

State of emergency: Get to know your state partners before disaster strikes

Inside: Innovation Awards call for entries

About the cover: Governor Terry McAuliffe speaks with the press in the aftermath of the February 2016 tornadoes that devastated the Tappahannock region. In this month's cover story (page8), learn the most important ways localities can count on their state partners in times of disaster. Photo courtesy of Va. Department of Emergency Management.

Turning the page on child hunger: First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe tells a new story about feeding Virginia children

Inside: VML's General Assembly scorecard

About the cover: First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe reads to a class at Bellevue Elementary School in Richmond during Virginia Agriculture Literacy Week. In this month’s cover story (page 7), Mrs. McAuliffe shares her vision for the No Kid Hungry Virginia Campaign.  Photo by Elaine Lidholm, Va. Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services