Local Officials' Resources Series

Practical help for local government leaders

The Virginia Municipal League publishes a series of research booklets to assist local government officials in serving the needs of their communities. Some of the topics addressed in the Local Officials' Resource Series include:


2015-2016 Revised Edition: Virginia Freedom of Information Act, Virginia Conflict of Interests Act and the Virginia Public Records Act

Conceived as a guide to help local government officials become familiar with their obligations under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, Virginia Conflict of Interests Act and the Virginia Public Records Act. Since the acts set out the guiding principles for conducting public meetings, the more that local officials are familiar with it, the more efficiently meetings will be run. Download guide (PDF)




The Virginia Public Procurement Act – A Guide for Local Officials

This 2014 publication provides an overview of the Virginia Public Procurement Act and its application to local public bodies.  It identifies sources of procurement information and provides sample documents that may be of use to local officials when conducting a procurement process. References to the Virginia Code are provided to assist local officials in navigating the VPPA.  Download guide (PDF)





Understanding Wastewater Regulation in Virginia

Virginia local governments play a crucial role in preserving water quality in Virginia. This publication, written by the Government Affairs Committee of the Virginia Water Environment Association, was prepared to assist local government officials in learning more about wastewater regulations. These regulations, which often dictate the need for the construction of local projects and influence the user fees paid by consumers, are important for local officials to understand. Download guide (PDF)



Personal Property Tax Relief Guide & Model Ordinance

Suggested framework to guide local government officials in implementing required changes to the Personal Property Tax Relief Act (PPTRA). Printed copies of the publication have been mailed to league members. Additional copies are available to league members; e-mail your request to e-mail@vml.orgDownload guide (PDF)




Reversions: From cities to towns

An analysis using case studies of the process by which cities can revert to town status. NOTE: This 1996 document is out of print, but if you contact us we could send a photocopy or download guide (PDF)