VML eNews, the newsletter of the Virginia Municipal League, is published every other week except during sessions of the General Assembly. During legislative sessions it is published weekly. The newsletter includes up-to-date information on activities at the state capitol, including the General Assembly, and in the U.S. Congress and within the VML family of local governments.

Editor: Nancy Chafin  |  Associate Editor: Manuel Timbreza


In this issue: The (almost) final word on bills with local impact

In this issue: These bills still in play. Time to speak up. 

Action Alert: Act on budget amendments now 

Action Alert: OPPOSE "Checkbook bill"

In this issue: checkbook bill; party ID; short-term rental; health and human services bills; stormwater and more 

In this issue: Passed, defeated, reported...what happened to bills in committees this week

3 action alerts: Checkbook registry, property tax exemption and party ID measures need your attention

ACTION ALERT: Airbnb bills - Please take time to contact your legislators to cast a vote preserving local authority

Action alert: Original Airbnb bills would preserve local authority; substitute bill does not

In this issue: BILLS UPDATE: wireless, broadband, FOIA, Airbnb, party ID, stormwater and more