Please review the following regulations concerning membership, sponsorship, exhibiting and advertising with the league. Questions can be directed to Leslie Amason, Conference and Marketing Coordinator, at (804) 523-8528 or


  • All applicants are subject to review; VML reserves the right to limit or reject any and all Municipal Business Associate (MBA) applications.
  • Acceptance of Municipal Business Associate status does not constitute an endorsement by VML, nor does it represent an opinion about the quality of your firm’s or organization’s products or services.
  • MBA participation runs on a calendar year; January – December.
  • Express, written consent is required for use of VML’s logo.
  • Membership dues for VML are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.


  • Virginia Town & City reserves the right to reject advertising that it deems unsuitable and to refuse acceptance from advertisers of questionable credit or trade standing.  Responsibility for claims and actions based on advertising contract is borne by the advertiser and advertising agency.
  • Advertisements submitted for publication must be digital, pre-press ready.  Additional production services required to incorporate advertisements into the magazine will be billed, in addition to the regular applicable rate, at publisher’s cost plus 10%.
  • When new art is not received by the final closing date, the right is reserved to repeat the last submitted advertisement.
  • Ad insertion schedules cancellable only by written notice when received by closing date.  No cover cancellations accepted.  Cancellations or changes will not be considered executed unless acknowledged by the advertising manager.
  • Billing follows publication.  Finance charge of 1.5% monthly, 18% yearly for balances not received within 30 days.
  • Refer to the posted advertising rates, specifications and production schedule for more information.


  • Sponsorships are not guaranteed until payment is received.
  • VML will make attempts to honor requests to sponsor specific activities but retains the right to apply funds as necessary to cover the cost of events.
  • Sponsors must provide logo and other supporting materials as requested by VML to ensure proper acknowledgement of sponsorship.


  • Booth will not be confirmed without full payment of exhibit fee.
  • Booths will be assigned on a “first-received, first-assigned” basis.
  • Exhibit booth fee includes registration for two individuals to attend the Sunday night opening reception, Monday’s daytime events (excluding ticketed lunches) and Monday evening’s host party. Additional representatives are $200 each. All exhibitors and their representatives must be registered and have a VML supplied name badge to attend events. Tickets for events not included in the exhibitor registration can be purchased in advanced or on-site at the VML registration desk.
  • Each booth will be 10' wide by 8' deep, have a 10' back drape, one 6' table, two chairs and a wastebasket.  The exhibit area is not carpeted.  Requests for electricity, internet connection, audio visual, and other items can be made through the exhibitor service kit, which will be sent after the contract has been returned. 
  • Advertising or canvassing outside the individual exhibitor's booth is prohibited.
  • Combustible materials and explosives are prohibited; fire extinguishers and exits must not be obstructed.
  • Exhibitors shall assume all responsibility for any loss, damage or injury they may cause, and they shall hold harmless the VML and event facility for all liability or claim for damages related to or arising from their participation in the exhibit. An attendant must remain with the exhibit during exhibit hours.
  • No public address system will be allowed.  Any audio/visual presentation equipment must be limited to the normal speaking voice hearing area of the booth.  VML will not be responsible for any claims related to copy-writed music used by an exhibitor
  • VML may reject any exhibit contract within 10 working days of receipt of contract and deposit. VML reserves further rights to reject at any time exhibits or exhibitors failing to comply with conference rules and regulations.
  • VML will provide display space as indicated on the agreement and the official floor plan, insofar as possible but reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make any changes necessary in case of any emergency and in the best use of the exhibit area.  VML reserves the right to prohibit, without compensation, any exhibit which in its judgment conflicts with or harms the character of the exhibit area, the conference or VML, this reservation being all-inclusive as to persons, things, printed matter, products and conduct.
  • Only one company may be represented at each table. Additional companies or subsidiaries are prohibited from sharing table spaces. If requested, the League will make every effort to locate companies/subsidiaries close to one another. Exhibitors may not sublet or assign any of their space to others.
  • All exhibit contracts must be received by August 1, 2017. Cancellations must also be received by August 1, 2017. For cancellations made on or prior to August 1, 2017, exhibitors will be refunded one-half of the exhibit fee.  For cancellations made after August 1, 2017, exhibitors will forfeit the entire exhibit fee if VML is unable resell the exhibit space.
  • Exhibitors must follow all guidelines on the exhibitor agreement as well as those included in the exhibitor service kit provided by the Official Service Contractor.