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Issue date - Cover story
Jan. Feb.  cover

Vol. 49, No. 3 - Mar. 2014

Records Management: It's the law and good business

About the cover: The Virginia Public Records Act was created to ensure that the procedures used to manage and preserve public records are uniform across the state. The act is the foundation on which all public records, from the office of the governor to the smallest city or town, must be managed.

Jan. Feb.  cover

Vol. 49, No. 1 - Jan./Feb. 2014

VML President: David Helms, Mayor, Town of Marion

About the cover: Marion Mayor David Helms, pictured here in front of the Marion Volunteer Fire Department, was elected the 95th president of the Virginia Municipal League at the VML Annual Conference held in Arlington in October. Photograph by David Parsons.

Dec cover

Vol. 48, No. 10 - Dec. 2013

So long, Mike: Amyx steps down after 33 years as VML executive director

About the cover: Mike Amyx will step down as executive director of the Virginia Municipal League Dec. 31 after leading the association for the past 33 years. Photograph by David Parsons.

Nov cover

Vol. 48, No. 9 - Nov. 2013

VHDA helps communities in using tax credits for innovative housing

About the cover: Martinsville, like many of the cities and towns across Virginia, is combining Low-Income Housing Tax Credits with other financing programs to revitalize their communities. Wayne D.P. Knox, Martinsville's director of community development, stands in front of Martinsville Lofts. Originally a historic factory building, today Martinsville Lofts is an inviting and affordable residential community. Photography by Doug Buerlein.

Oct cover

Vol. 48, No. 8 - Oct. 2013

Arlington: Dynamic urban villages dot the landscape

About the cover: Arlington is home to a number of "urban villages" – transit-oriented neighborhoods where shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and living and working space are knitted together in one vibrant place.

Sept cover

Vol. 48, No. 7 - Sept. 2013

2013 VML Achievement Award Winners

President's Award: Virginia Beach - Planning initiative charted new direction for city

About the cover: Thirty-six entries in six categories were recieved for judging in the 2013 VML Achievement Awards competition. The VML awards program is conducted annually to encourage and recognize excellence and innovation in Virginia local government. This year's winner of the President's Award is the City of Virginia Beach.

July/Aug cover

Vol. 48, No. 6 - Jul. - Aug. 2013

Water: Complicated issues require comprehensive response starting now

About the cover: A host of regulatory and environmental issues related to water threaten to swamp Virginia local governments unless a comprehensive, coordinated response is forthcoming.  Illustration by Manuel Timbreza.

June cover

Vol. 48, No. 5 - June 2013

Smithfield: Town gains acclaim as beautiful success story

About the cover: The Town of Smithfield in Isle of Wight County has won national acclaim for its numerous beautification efforts, which are reflected in this image of Hayden’s Lane, an idyllic pathway between two busy downtown streets.  The adjoining space is used regularly for small ceremonies and gatherings that accommodate up to 25 guests in the garden setting.  Photo by Maggie Stoup.

May cover

Vol. 48, No. 4 - May 2013

Bristol: Capturing a city's vibe on an iPhone

About the cover: An image from the City of Bristol – the Birthplace of County Music – as captured by the city’s public information official on her iPhone using a digital photography application called Hipstamatic.  The original image shown here was cropped to fit the cover. Photo by Jennifer Molley Wilson. 

April cover

Vol. 48, No. 3 - April 2013

Affordable Care Act: What local governments need to know

About the cover: Local governments will confront an unwieldy new federal law next year when the Affordable Car Act takes effect. Understanding how the act will affect local government operations is essential.

March cover

Vol. 48, No. 2 - March 2013

About-face - In review: General Assembly ends burdensome reversion program

About the cover: The 2013 General Assembly saw fit to eliminate the onerous “local aid to the Commonwealth” program that had sapped $270 million from city and county budgets over the past five fiscal years.  Abolishment of the reversion scheme was the No. 1 legislative goal of VML this year.  Illustration by Manuel Timbreza.

Jan. Feb  cover

Vol. 48, No. 1 - Jan. - Feb. 2013

Who's growing: Estimates reflecgt resurgent cities, againg population

About the cover: Every year, the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service produces the official population estimates for Virginia.  The most recent numbers, based on changes since the 2010 census in housing stock, school enrollment, births, deaths and driver’s licenses, revealed some significant trends of interest to local governments.

Dec cover

Vol. 47, No. 10 - December 2012

Money matters: Local issues will abound in 2013 General Assembly

About the cover: The 2013 session of the General Assembly will convene Jan. 9 in Richmond. Local governments issues, many of them tied to the state budget, will be in the spotlight. Photo illustration by Manuel Timbreza.

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